• The Dawn of GW/EM Astronomy

    I have no doubt that, long before you came across this little blog post, you heard the big announcement this morning. The Advanced LIGO and VIRGO interferometers have announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves from the inspiral and merger of a binary system containing neutron stars! But this event is about so much more than just the gravitational wave detection. The presence of a neutron star in the binary opens up the possibility of there being an associated electromagnetic counterpart that can be observed with more traditional telescopes. Amazingly enough, that is exactly what we saw. A mere...

  • A Simple Introduction

    I am a fifth-year graduate student at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. I work with Professsor Edo Berger and the Berger Time-Domain Group at Harvard on several aspects of time-domain astronomy. My research is primarily focused on the follow-up of gravitational wave events detected by the Advanced LIGO and VIRGO interferometers using traditional optical telescopes. In the past, I’ve worked on observational and theoretical topics in X-Ray astronomy and AGN physics.

    Prior to grad school, I had a whole host of hobbies I hope to return to someday including: photography, martial arts, and playing the drums.

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